3 Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Home Defense Plan


Install security cameras at points of entry to your home and where you keep your valuables.

As the technology to power your devices via WiFi signals advances, setting up a home security system will be a lot easier.

You can also configure out of the box security cameras to email alerts to you when motion is detected. This feature is sometimes a bit oversensitive may depend on camera quality and lighting conditions.

2)Take Inventory

Cloud services such as Google Drive can be used to backup cropped photos of serial numbers and keep inventory of things that you would want tracked if they were stolen in a burglary.

3)Dox Yourself!

How easy is it for someone who doesn’t know you to find out where you live, learn your routine or the routine of your loved ones?

Be mindful of what you post online publically for others to see, especially with regards to personal property you own.

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