Quick things to keep in mind when setting up your AR-15

Keep it light and singular in purpose

  • Have a lightweight 16″ upper for with iron sights and a red dot for CQB use and a heavyweight 20″+ upper with a bipod and long range scope for long range use. 
    • Don’t try to turn a 16″ M4 into a combination CQB/Sniper rifle.
    • It will do neither very well


  • Magpul PMAGs all the way
  • Stay away from the cheap alumninum mags
    • Cheap = DRAMA
  • Stay away from the drum magazines
    • “A fool and his money…”


  • The vast majority of AR15s out there are chambered in 5.56.
    • This means that they will also shoot .223



  • Keep it simple with a two point sling
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