The Instructor’s Endorsement Log


Given the prevalence of cross-training in the martial arts and firearms world, it makes sense for instructors to have an easy method of fielding questions from students about content from other instructors in a manner that is efficient and minimizes the risk of “kicking a hornet’s nest”.

A combination of a table on the instructor’s official site and an easily completed web form is one solution to this situation.

Here are some suggested form fields.

This application can also be used for an instructor to deprecate material associated with him that could be considered out of date.

  •  Title
    • Official Title of the Instructional Content
  • Content Link
    • Optional Field to link to the official website of the content in question
  • Content Producer
    • The name of the instructor who produced the content in question
  • Type of Content
    • DVD
    • Article
    • Book
  • Endorsement Status
    • No Opinion
      • Select if you have not watched or reviewed the content
    • Endorse
      • Select if you agree with the material presented
    • Mixed Endorsement
      • Select if you agree with only some of the material presented
    • Do Not Endorse
      • Select if you do not agree with any of the material presented
  • Comments
    • Free form text to write whatever you wish
  • Endorsing Instructor
    • Your name

Here is the link to the form

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