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The Prepper’s Tablet Computer

When you imagine the archetypal Walking Dead or Hurricane Katrina type disaster scenario, creatures of comfort like us may find the thought of our electronic gadgets being rendered useless utterly terrifying (or liberating). Hardware and software used to send, store, and

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If you don’t know what something is….

You probably shouldn’t eat it!

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An easy technique for waterproofing your emergency bags.

Use a contractor’s trash bag as the main liner and then use additional bags to divide up the items in your pack.

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Battery Life and Your Survival Tablet

Battery Life and Your Survival Tablet This is a very helpful guide for picking the sort of tablet you want to prepare for a disaster situation. The interesting thing to note about the testing done is that they tested using

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Five Must Have AR-15 Accessories for SHTF

Good article overall. One little reminder about the scope is that you will also need a good supply of commonly available ammunition that you have already zeroed your rifle’s scope and iron sights to. From Five Must Have AR-15 Accessories for

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