Selecting Your First Handgun: Grip


Here is a quick guide for the first time buyer to selecting your first pistol. Follow these steps and you will end up very happy with what you end up selecting.

  1. Understand how to properly grip a handgun

Having worked at a gun shop, educating the first time buyers on how to properly hold a handgun was a key part of helping them find a gun that would fit their needs.

No gun would ever “feel right” in their hands if the new owner doe not know how to hold it properly.

Examples of an Imroper Pistol Grip

Examples of an Imroper Pistol Grip

If you are in a gun store, do not be afraid to ask the clerk how to properly hold the gun you ask to see.

Please do not “juggle” the gun in your hand. What I am referring to is when someone holds the handgun one-handed and shakes it “like a polaroid picture” in some lame attempt to gauge the weight of the gun or how it balances. It is unsafe and makes you look like an idiot.

Next Part: Comparing Handgun Actions

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