The Murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • “Teach your kids to defend themselves.”
    • Straight from the mouths of Channon and Chris’s parents.
  • Develop a fighting mindset.
  • As Paul Howe put it, “Do not put yourself at the mercy of people who have none.”
    • It is far better to fight right then and there than to be taken hostage and tortured to death.
  • SouthNarc and Kelly McCann were correct in stating that parking lots are where most criminal assaults occur.
    • Maintain your situational awareness
      • Channon Christian and Chris Newsome were initially accosted while sitting in their car in the parking lot.
        • This is referred to by Craig Douglas (SouthNarc) as “task fixation”.
  • Always carry a weapon and be ready to use it without hesitation and with complete commitment.
    • Small fixed-blade knives secured around the front and/or rear waistline can be very helpful.
  • Carry a means of escape with you.
    • Cold Steel makes small knives that suit this purpose well.
    • A long strand of kevlar fiber can cut a variety of restraints.
    • Handcuff keys are also a good thing to keep on your person.
  • Train yourself to break free of restraints.
  • Check out Mike Janich’s Forever Armed DVD and train yourself to recognize environmental weapons and objects that can be improvised as weapons.
  • Train yourself to sense to sense distraction and vulnerability in an adversary.
    • This is an important skill to learn if you find yourself behind the reactionary gap.

Please the article below and this article on what happened to Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom on the night of January 6, 2007 after they were carjacked and kidnapped.

The murderers (Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins, George Thomas and Vanessa Coleman) are in prison right now (Coleman got 35 years, Cobbins and Thomas are serving life sentences, and Davidson is on death row).

No matter what the people at the Brady Campaign, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Americans for Responsible Solutions  say, there really are monsters out there.


The Christian-Newsom Torture Murder Case: Attending Vanessa Coleman’s Retrial
by David In Tennessee

We have seen the ME testify on the live stream without seeing the photos. We have also read about the violence inflicted on Channon and Chris. At a break beforehand, I tried to get myself ready. I have written about what was inflicted on the victims. Now I will see it.

The first photo was of Chris Newsom’s burned body laying beside the railroad tracks.

His body was blackened from about the knees up with the face unrecognizable. There was a blindfold over his eyes which somewhat preserved them. A police officer who was a friend of the Newsoms could recognize Chris “because of his eyes.”

The other photo was of Chris Newsom’s bare feet which still were tied by a belt and ligature.

Now came Dr. Mileusnic-Polchan’s (ME) presentation concerning the rape and murder of Channon Christian. Her body was not removed from the garbage can until at the medical examiner’s office. 

The can was covered by a tarpaulin while being hauled there. Her face had been covered by a white plastic bag and the body enclosed in several black plastic bags.

Channon Christian was a beautiful 21-year old woman who stood five feet, eight inches and weighed 122 punds.

On the screen appeared a photo of Channon’s body laying on a gurney. Her body is still contorted in the position it was in after being “crammed” into the trash can.

She was naked from the waist down.

The mouth was open. The eyes were half-closed. Her face was frozen in horror. She had died of asphyxiation after hours of agony. The left arm was extended upward from the elbow.

This photo hit me like a punch.

The next photo showed abrasion inside of the lips. Her gum had been knocked loose from the teeth. A photo of her face was next.

Then came a photo of her genitals. It revealed tremendous trauma.

She had been kicked and beaten repeatedly in the vagina. During Davidson’s trial, a beginning female deputy DA fainted at this photo.

The next photo was of the anus with still more heavy bruising. It looked like she had been clubbed. She had been raped anally, vaginally, and sodomized.

The Christian family friend left the courtroom in tears. The others stayed. They have seen the autopsy photos several times. Deena Christian, Channon’s mother looked down.

The lid of each eye was pulled back so the eyes could be photographed. I could not look.

The direct examination of the ME took just under an hour. At this point, I left the courtroom and went back to the Holiday Inn. I had intended to come to the Friday session but instead drove home the next day.

To summarize, Chris Newsom was dragged by a dog leash around his neck to a railroad track. He was naked from the waist down and his hands were tied behind his back. Chris’ face was wrapped in a sweatshirt and his mouth was gagged with his own socks. His bare feet were bound. He had been raped with “an object” as well as by unknown males. At the tracks, Chris was shot three times. The killers inflicted as much pain as possible. His body was set on fire, which destroyed the DNA evidence and made it impossible to identify which of the killers raped him.

Knox News full coverage archive 


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21 comments on “The Murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom
  1. Basharr says:

    I read this on your blog about a year ago, this story is horrific and it shows us all that every day could be the day we have to know how to survive. There are true monsters in this world, sadly they were allowed a trial as money could have been saved by putting all the defendants down like the rabid dogs they are.


    • GSP says:

      It is a shame that none of those pieces of **** “resisted” during their arrests. It would have been much better had their victims fought back.


      • Basharr says:

        I am sure the signs were present early that things were not going to end well.Yes fighting back would have been the rule of the day. I think if someone has the balls to abduct me then it is my job to do all I can to make them think they bit off more than they can chew. However they could have used both victims against each other?


      • Bonnie says:

        Your post disgusts me. They were carjacked with guns and tied up and blindfolded immediately. They could not have fought back. Davidson even told LE he told Channon he would make sure she got out alive while she was in the house and he would not let anything happen to her. That kept her calm even though Chris was hauled off bound blindfolded and at gun point as that was being told to her. You should have read more about the case before you posted what you did.


      • Bonnie says:

        Your post disgusts me. They were carjacked with guns and tied up and blindfolded immediately. They could not have fought back. Davidson even told LE he told Channon he would make sure she got out alive while she was in the house and he would not let anything happen to her. That kept her calm even though Chris was hauled off bound blindfolded and at gun point as that was being told to her. You should have read more about the case before you posted what you did.


  2. Annie Oakley says:

    The vile disgusting pieces of garbage CNN, MSNB didn’t say jack squat about this story. I didn’t hear about this story until two years later. That piece of garbage rectal cavity Nancy Grace didn’t say squat. But we heard non stop about Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman.


  3. ann says:

    Why it is obvious it was a hate crime is the pure hate and violence that was involved in the crime, and they wanted to make them suffer. The biggest evidence is the fact they put Channons body in a bin, and then put her in rubbish bags and tossed her aside like rubbish..I don’t understand why no one has picked up on this..Whenever there is a row over race white people are always called ‘White trash’. Also they never stole anything from the couple and why would they have so much hate for complete strangers who had done nothing to them.Ophra Winfrey makes me sick and she causes so much racial tension as does Doreen Lawrence does in England and they go on about how they are treated when they have been given everything and still they go on..Channon was a virgin and this has upset me even more than before and you can tell she didn’t have a rascist bone in her body or her parents


    • Bonnie says:

      It started out as just a carjacking but when one of the guys made the statement that that white b*&ch don’t mean nothing to me, it turned into a hate crime. I think the prosecutors erred greatly by not proceeding with the trial that way. They actually did the opposite. They were so vocal this wasn’t a hate crime when really it was. I think they were afraid of a black community uprising had they gone on with the hate crime charges.


      • christcrusader says:

        I still don’t see the necessity in considering “hate” as an element of a crime, other than in establishing motive.
        IMHO, the victimization – regardless of the reason – should be sufficient.


  4. Daaaamn. First I’ve read about this. Friggin pathetic and the perps should get the death penalty, and be tortured first. A-holes. And yes, it is due to such cases that we must always fight back as best we r able.

    Stay ever vigilant.


  5. But of course the media is ignoring this story. Few people really know about it.


    • Basharr says:

      I wrote about these murders in my Criminal Justice class two weeks ago I was surprised none of my classmates had heard of this case. But they were all very disgusted on how horrific this case is and how little it was reported on. I cannot shake the horror of this case from my mind.


      • Bonnie says:

        There was an outcry about how the mainstream media ignored this case because it was a black on white crime.


  6. RealDefense says:

    Reblogged this on RealDefense and commented:

    Sometimes you just need a reminder…


  7. Bonnie says:

    What most people don’t realize is I think that while Cobbins said Davidson was looking to do a carjacking that night, Chris and Channon were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I read where Davidson was actually on his way to the Washington Ridge aprts to make a payment on some furniture to a woman who lived there according to her testimony when they spotted this lovely young couple. Chris was actually running late and Channons friend who lived at the apartment went on to the party without them. How very sad.


  8. Bonnie says:

    In reading on how to defend yourself by carrying knives and the like, it’s not conceivable that when two people are holding guns on two other people, a knife is hardly going to save your life. They were tied up and blindfolded immediately after being ambushed by total surprise. There was no way to defend themselves. Also, they were not both sitting in the car. Channon was in her car, Chris was outside the car leaning into her window and giving her a kiss. The most innocent of victims caught totally off guard.


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