Video Analysis: CCW vs. Hotel Robber

Hotel clerk carrying a concealed Glock 23 in .40 Smith and Wesson takes on an armed robber and wins.


  • Good use of concealment by the clerk
  • If you are a bystander in the middle of a robbery, move yourself and your kid as far back away as possible.
  • .40SW 165 grain gold dot hollowpoints were used by the clerk, 3/3 shots were hits, the bad guy survived and went to prison.


.40 S&W

.40 S&W (Photo credit: ZORIN DENU)

English: Glock 23 pistol

English: Glock 23 pistol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One comment on “Video Analysis: CCW vs. Hotel Robber
  1. Bulletmen says:

    Woman w/ child unaware,does not respond well. She should have got out of the way or hit the deck !
    Female clerk should have hit the deck.
    Clerk did ok. Stopped the bad guy,no one else was hurt.
    There is no magic bullet for pistols.Too bad the robber survived to be housed and fed by the taxpayers and most likely resume criminal career when released.
    BUT !
    Bad guy stopped,citizens OK.Clerk should get a bonus.


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