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PROTIP: Criminals select easy prey and avoid people who can fight back.

It came to a point where I had to set a date for the Day of retribution. I originally considered doing it on Halloween of 2013. That is when the entire town erupts in raucous partying. There would literally be

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Irresponsible Advice

I found this at It is my opinion that advice shown below is irresponsible because it is dictated by a political agenda rather than reality. Kelly McCann’s book has an excellent guide to screening firearms and other self-defense instructors.    

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So True!

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PROTIP: Practice Drawing From Concealment

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“I’m the only one professional enough…”

As a general rule, the most dangerous people on the gun range are not the new shooters (n00bz as they are sometimes referred to as). If a new shooter is doing something wrong, then they tend to immediately and positively

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